Both of my parents were long time windsurfers and raced in everything from the local Friday Night Races at the St Francis Yacht Club to the U.S. Nationals.  They were commonly seen riding out of the Berkeley Marina.

My first race was windsurfing in August of 2000.  It was the San Francisco Classic, hosted by the St Francis Yacht Club, which is a long distance race that takes you on an epic tour around the bay.  That year about 40 windsurfers started, but only 8 finished.  But the funny thing is that I was not even born yet, that my mom finished the Classic while she was pregnant with me.  15 years later, I finished 5th out of 25 in the same race on a kite and foil.

I started taking lessons with Sandy Parker at Ki’topia at the Sherman Island Delta at 11 years old.  In late summer 2013 I had my first racing experience out of Crissy Field at one of the Thursday Night Races.  Not long after, I learned how to foil and raced the entire 2014 season on a Sword.

Now, I am a sophomore in high school, keeping balance with time for school, homework, swimming, tennis, and of course, kiting.


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One thought on “About

  1. Francie

    I’m so impressed with your kite surfing skill and your new blog! I knew you were tough but now I know you are REALLY tough–legs of steel! I look forward to sharing the kite surfing adventure with you. Keep blogging! You are GREAT at telling us your story!



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