Hydrofoil Pro Tour 2016 Round 3: Mauritius

When I first heard about Mauritius, I was thinking “It doesn’t even sound like a real place,” with its seemingly imaginary turquoise water, blue skies, white-sand beaches, and green landscape; not to mention the consistent, daily 15-20 knot breeze and almost flat lagoon.

The Hydrofoil Pro Tour stop on the island happened to perfectly fit in with my school schedule; the event finished on the Saturday before school started. It was the best way to end summer vacation.

Nico Parlier and I had been training for over a month in the bay in preparation for the second and third stops of the tour. We kited almost every day until racing began. We flew out for Mauritius a few days after the SF event.

My mom, Nico, and I arrived in Mauritius on August 12th. It took about 30 hours to get there: 16 from SFO to Dubai, an 8-hour layover in Dubai, then another 6 hours to Mauritius. But once we were there (with all 5 oversized bags and 1 luggage!), it was all good – even the 11-hour time difference didn’t matter!14067721_324241107917095_4899227143543429734_n

In between training sessions, we were able to do a couple touristy trips. We visited the local market, and also climbed to the summit of Lion Mountain, the main mountain that overlooks the racing venue.

Every day we were there, there was a super consistent 15-20 knot breeze, as promised by the forecast and by the local riders. Throughout the four days of racing, I used a 9m, 11m, and 13m, in addition to a 7m during training.

I have been really impressed with the new R1 V2’s performance. The kites allow me to have much better angles both upwind and downwind than on the R1. They are also much more stable and I never have to worry about the wingtips collapsing. The kites have a much wider range – I found that I could handle a bigger kite in more wind and a smaller kite in less wind. I also feel that they absorb gusts much better, which is something I especially felt racing at Crissy Field.

I finished 19th overall out of 41 riders, 9th in youth (under 21), 2nd in juniors’ (under 18), and 1st in women’s. I had a lot of fun racing against the best girls in the world at a venue outside of North America. 14063930_324788544529018_8812903234270403000_n

Thank you to all the event organizers for making this event happen. Thanks to Robby Dean and Jessica Barhydt and to the supporting race committee for their hard work on and off the course. Also thank you to the incredible media team for taking some awesome photos and video footage. It was an amazing event that I really hope will happen next year.

Thank you to my sponsors – Ozone, Mike’sLab, Ronstan, and the St Francis Sailing Foundation.

Last but not least, thank you to my parents for letting me go on this amazing trip.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the season, including the World Championships in China in a few weeks.


Training Day Report – http://hydrofoilprotour.info/news/mauritius-training-day/

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Day 1 Drone Video – http://hydrofoilprotour.info/news/maritius-race-day1-drones/

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Final Results – http://hydrofoilprotour.info/results/mru/

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/hydrofoilprotour/?fref=ts&ref=br_tf

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