Manda Sun Paste

I am always on the sun. Whether it’s for swimming, kiting, surfing, running, tennis – I love being outside. One of the downsides (if there are any!) to loving the outdoors is the sun. Until recently, no matter how much sunscreen I would put on, I would still get fried (especially when I’d be getting wet). I’ve been told repeatedly by my parents how important the first 18 years of my life are for my skin and no matter what I tried, a combination of the chlorine and sun from days spent at swim meets has led to lots of sunburn. I would use heavy sunscreen that would end up not working and would dry up my skin like crazy. I was also kind of lazy about reapplying. Plus, when kiting or surfing, the reflection of the sun on the water also caused me to wake up the next morning with a red face and a need to go buy more Aloe Vera.

Before I went to La Ventana in March 2016 for the first stop of the Hydrofoil Pro Tour, my parents (mom especially), warned me profusely about getting sunburnt by the intense Baja sun. I wanted to protect my skin, too. I have wanted to for a long time, but no sunscreen I’ve tried ever really worked.

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Putting on some Manda sun paste before going out for some racing.

Then, I found Manda Sun Paste. I read about the sunscreen online, and learned how it uses only 7 100% organic, special, natural ingredients to create a powerful barrier against the sun. I’d tried sunscreens claiming to be “organic” before, and did not have much success. But this one seemed different. The website says how almost 8 million pounds of sunscreen wash off beach-goers each year, and later explains how this sunscreen does not damage coral reefs, which are at risk from bleaching via sunscreen wash off. (Learn more about the ingredients and sunscreen here.) Impressed, I wanted to try some for myself, and was even more impressed with the results.

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After racing for hours in La Ventana and I still have a layer of sunscreen on.

I used it every day of the Hydrofoil Pro Tour. The big question is: did I get sunburnt? My answer: not at all! I would apply some paste every morning before I went outside, part of my normal routine at home. I put some more on before actually going out on the water, and only reapplied once for the rest of the day. By the end of the day, I still had a thin layer of the thick paste on, and it actually took a while for me to wash it off before I went to bed. I woke up each morning without a red face, and my dad, who was in Mexico with me, was impressed (that doesn’t happen easily!).

This stuff works so well, it’s almost too good to be true. I’m really stoked that I’ve joined the Manda team to help spread the word about a sunscreen that’s not only good for you and your skin, but also for the planet. It’s perfect for anyone that spends time outside, especially in the water. This sunscreen recently became approved to be 50+ SPF (read about that here), which is an exciting step for the brand.

If you would like to sample some Manda products, find me before you go kiting!


Practicing my strapless kiting skills at Old Man’s Beach near Kanaha Beach Park in Maui, Hawaii… And not getting sunburnt in the process!

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